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Albert H & Eula Cooper

Albert Henry "Bert" Cooper was born July 3, 1880 in Mercer County Illinois.  His family moved to Taylor County, Iowa when he was two years old.  They came to Nodaway County the next year to a farm four miles southwest of Sheridan, Missouri.  Albert was the oldest of nine children.  He attended the Lone Star Rural School northeast of Gaynor, Missouri.  He also attended the Maryville Normal School where he was a member of the 1907 class, Chicago University, and Harvard University, where he received his Master's Degree in Education in 1925.

Albert taught in a Nodaway County school and was Superintendent of Schools at Barnard and Grant City.  He was the Nodaway County Superintendent of Schools from 1916 to 1921.  During this time the four-year high schools were established in the county.  He was an expert in rural education and was brought on the Northwest staff by President Uel Lamkin as director of extension and correspondence work from 1921 to 1947. He served in the State Legislature as a representative from Nodaway County from 1935 to 1941.  From 1941 until his death in 1957, he was Director of the Department of Business and Administration of the State of Missouri.  In 1963 Cooper Hall was added to the residence hall complex and named to honor Albert's contribution to Northwest.

On July 18, 1920, he married another school teacher, Eula Snowberger of Graham, Missouri.  The two together were always interested in the young people with whom they were associated.  They encouraged and supported the education of nieces and nephews and many other young people.  Of the thirteen Cooper nieces and nephews, eleven became teachers.

Albert E. Winemiller, a nephew, and his wife, Virginia, established this scholarship to honor both Albert "Bert" and his wife, Eula.  The scholarship is designed to assist students showing promise as teachers.

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