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Charles R Derstler

The Charles R. Derstler Scholarship funds up to 30 credit hours per academic year. Eligible students must be a sophomore, junior or senior at Northwest and must have graduated from a Missouri high school in Caldwell or Ray counties, with first preference given to students pursuing an agricultural field of study.

Charles began attending Northwest in 1941 on the National Youth Administration program, and in 1942 he entered the U.S. Navy. After his military service, he returned to Northwest and completed a degree in business and industrial arts in 1949.

Charles began purchasing and selling farm property during the early 1950s, and farmed and raised cattle in rural Cameron; he died in 2011. LaVon earned an associate degree at Maple Woods Community College in Kansas City. Now retired, LaVon had been employed by the Amoco Oil Company for 28 years. 

The Charles R. Derstler Scholarship was made possible through gift annuities the Derstlers purchased from the Northwest Foundation as well as proceeds they gifted from the sales of their properties.
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