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Dale Gorsuch

This scholarship was established in loving memory of Dale Francis Gorsuch, son of Mr. & Mrs. Patrick (Amy) Gorsuch of Maryville, Missouri.  Dale’s family and friends felt that a scholarship at Northwest Missouri State University to financially help worthy students seeking a teaching degree in the area of English, Journalism or Philosophy was an appropriate way to remember Dale and his interest for acquiring and sharing knowledge through his studying and teaching in those particular areas.

Dale was a native Missourian who lived in Maryville and obtained most of his schooling in Maryville.  He was born at St. Francis Hospital in Maryville on March 29, 1947 and continued to live in Maryville until after completing his undergraduate degree at NWMSC (now NWMSU) in May, 1969.  He had a keen interest in many areas during his school years but showed special interest in the areas of English, Journalism and Philosophy while attending high school and college.  Dale graduated in 1969 with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in English and minoring in Philosophy.  Upon completion of his undergraduate work at Northwest, Dale accepted an assistantship at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyoming so he could work on his master’s degree.  Through his assistantship teaching experience, Dale discovered his gift and interest in being a teacher so he applied for and accepted a teaching position in the English department at Southeastern Iowa Community College in Burlington, Iowa in 1970.  Since Dale did not have a teaching degree, he was required to go back to school and take some education courses so he could teach, but he decided that he really enjoyed teaching and wanted to pursue that profession so he took further classes to be certified for teaching in Iowa.  He became head of the English department during his 11 ½ years at the junior college where he taught until his death from a massive heart attack in February 1982.
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