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Dr Beulah Wilkinson Summers

The Dr. Beulah Wilkinson Summers Scholarship was established through the living trust of Dr. Beulah Wilkinson Summers '42.  Beulah grew up in Allendale in northwest Missouri and remains grateful for Northwest's proximity to her hometown, as she would have otherwise been unable to attend college.  She also completed her master's and Ph.D. It was on the Northwest campus where she first met her late husband, James Summers Jr., who was studying industrial arts.  After World War II, Mehorney's furniture Company opened a store in Maryville, which James managed for about five years.  The couple then moved to Topeka, Kan., where James started his own furniture business and they raised their family.  For more than 30 years, Beulah enjoyed teaching home economics at Topeka High School during the school year and typing classes during the summer.  The couple was blessed with two children, Dr. James Stephen Summers who is a retired periodontist living near Houston, and Shirley Sue Summers Chamberlain, who taught in Long Island, N.Y., before passing away after a battle with cancer.
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