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Dustin McCurdy

Growing up on a farm near Bridgewater, Iowa, and attending the Cumberland & Massena Community School, Dustin McCurdy was interested in the usual Midwestern pastimes - hunting, fishing and athletics.  By 1997, Dustin made the progression to Northwest to study broadcasting and public relations.  He broadcast high school games at Maryville's KNIM radio station and hosted "The Locker Room" show on the campus radio station.  Always exhibiting a strong work ethic, Dustin's free time was spent working at O'Reilly Auto Parts in Maryville.  

In the years following Dustin's sudden death in 2001, the classmates who treasured his friendship and witnessed his ever-present love of live have since graduated.  Yet, Dustin's collegiate spirit and Northwest pride will forever be celebrated thanks to the ongoing efforts of his parents, Mike and Sandy McCurdy.
Scholarships associated with Dustin McCurdy
  • Dustin McCurdy Memorial Scholarship