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Dyche Family

Lewis Dyche established the Dyche Family Scholarship at Northwest Missouri State University because he wants "to give a Northwest student a chance to go to school," he said. "Hopefully, this scholarship helps somebody enjoy a better life."

After graduating from Auburn (Kan.) High School in 1949, Dyche joined the Navy. When he returned to Auburn, he worked at the Goodyear tire plant earning $1.25 an hour. Although the wages were good, Dyche wanted to play football. When a recruiter from College of Emporia sought him out, Dyche jumped at the chance to play football. During his sophomore year, Dyche married Virginia Brobst shortly before the Navy called him back to serve in the Korean War. Two years later, Dyche returned home to his wife and their children and resumed his studies at the College of Emporia, where he graduated in 1955.

He taught and coached several years in Utah and Kansas, and in 1964, after completing his master's in education, Dyche arrived at Northwest where he taught health, swimming, water aerobics and water safety in addition to coaching the swim teams for the University and the Maryville community. He assisted Coach Ivan Schottel with football during his first six years, and after Schottel's departure, Dyche assisted with baseball in addition to his swimming responsibilities. He and his wife had six children and lived in Maryville, where Virginia died in 2005 following a long illness.

When his mother died in 1985, Dyche, his step-father and siblings opted to establish the Lula Dyche Hewitt Scholarship to assist rural Missouri high school graduates in his mother's memory. In 1995, Dyche changed the name of the award to the Dyche Family Scholarship, which then began to assist graduates of Nodaway County high schools.

In recognition of Dyche's lifelong dedication to educating and helping others live a better life, the Dyche Family Scholarship now assists Northwest's continuing students who are interested in and preparing to teach physical education.
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