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Everett W & Shoba Brown

Everett W & Shoba Brown Rotary Scholarship was established in February, 1976, to honor the years of service of the long-time administrator at Northwest Missouri State University.  At Northwest, Brown wore virtually every administrative hat. At various times he served as director of admissions, financial aid, news and information, career placement, alumni relations and extension.  From 1969 to 1977, Brown was the assistant and right-hand man to President Robert P. Foster. 

Brown later served as a state representative.  During his eight terms in Jefferson City, Brown served for more than a decade as chairman of the Appropriations Committee for Education and Transportation.  He also sat on House panels charged with overseeing legislation relating to the budget, higher education, interstate cooperation and natural resources. 

Brown received dozens of honors and recognition including Northwest's Distinguished Service Award and the Pioneer in Education Award from the Missouri Department of Education.  In recognition of his indelible record of service to the University, Northwest renamed its education building Brown hall in 1987 and awarded him an honorary doctorate during April 2000 commencement ceremonies.
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