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George Hinshaw

Professor George Hinshaw devoted thirty years to teaching and research at Northwest Missouri State University. Dr. Hinshaw received his B.S. in Education from Hasting’s College in Nebraska, his Masters of Arts Degree from the University of California and Doctorate of Philosophy from the University of Nebraska.  Professor Hinshaw was a rhetorician; his doctoral dissertation was the Analysis of the Rhetoric of Frederick Douglas, a Black political leader during the Civil War era. He developed his wisdom from his diverse interest in literature varying from the works of the Classics, works of Plato, Aristotle and Cicero, to the writing of Willa Cather. He honorably served in our nation’s military in the South Pacific during World War II.

Dr. Hinshaw was Northwest’s forensic/debate coach for many of his 30 years beginning in 1956.  At the community level, he was actively involved in recruiting and training American Legion Oratorical contestants; he was actively involved in Kiwanis Club, Community Theatre, Civil War Round Table and the First Presbyterian Church. 

The Hinshaw Memorial Scholarship is intended to recognize and honor those students who participate in forensics/debate activities and/or those seeking a degree in Speech/Theatre Education.   
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