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Hildegarde Dreps

Hildegarde Fried Dreps, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Anton Fried, was born October 15, 1891, on a farm three miles east of Spiritwood Lake, North Dakota.  Mrs. Dreps graduated from Wimbledon High School in 1909.  Received her B.A. Degree from the University of North Dakota and her M.A. Degree from the University of Iowa, and also attended the New York State School of Ceramics and the University of Oslo in Norway.  For two years she was principal of the High school in Steel, North Dakota, and then she became a member of the Faculty of the University of North Dakota where she did experimental work with the clays of our state and taught Ceramics in The School of Mines there.  In 1924 she married Mr. J.A. Dreps who was teaching at the University.  In 1943, they moved to Maryville, Mo., where Mr. Dreps was head of the foreign Language Department until his retirement in 1967.  After her marriage, Mrs. Dreps devoted all her time to writing, painting, lecturing, collecting objects of art, and traveling. 

Hildegarde Dreps Scholarship originally provided funds for permanent housing and display of a collection of dolls, bells, and native costumes and was transferred to the Foundation in June of 1979 at the request of the donor. On August 19, 1980, Mrs. Dreps indicated that she wished to cancel the bequest of the collection and transfer the funds to a permanent scholarship for students in art.
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