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Homer O & Florine (Ware) Smith

The Homer O. and Florine (Ware) Smith Scholarship has been established by their daughter Sharelle Leick and son-in-law George.  Sharelle was a CPA in Seattle for 20 years before retiring in 2005 and holds a bachelor’s degree in business education and master’s degrees in business administration and tax.  George holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in forestry.  He spent his 35-year career as a research scientist in wood technology at the Weyerhaeuser Company in the Seattle area working with lumber mills throughout the country to improve their manufacturing processes.
In her parents’ memory, Sharelle and George Leick have endowed the Homer O. and Florine (Ware) Smith Scholarship.  Florine was a 1931 College High/Horace Mann graduate  While making their estate plans, the Leicks included a provision in the trust for the Northwest Foundation that will build up the existing scholarship endowment after their lifetimes.
“My parents’ interests were many, so we will not limit their scholarship to one discipline,” Sharelle said.  “We wish to honor them and their families whose roots are in the land of Nodaway and Andrew counties and recognize family members who remain on the farm as well as those whose lives have taken them into careers in education, engineering, business or medicine.”
The scholarship, with preference to graduates of Nodaway County and Andrew County high schools who choose to attend Northwest, will be awarded based on academic achievement and financial need.
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