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Luther & Kathryn Belcher Scholarship

Kathryn Belcher Lehmen loved education.  She lived to learn, loved to teach and never missed an opportunity to encourage others to complete a college education, knowing of the many advantages it could afford them in life. 

A 1949 graduate and assistant professor of business at Northwest for more than 20 years, Kathryn first taught journalism and business courses in high schools throughout Nodaway County.  She sponsored Pi Omega Pi, an honorary national business education society, until her retirement from Northwest in 1990.   

Throughout her life, Northwest continued to hold a special place in Kathryn's heart.  She enjoyed long walks on campus, viewing the new construction and keeping up on current University issues and with friends and former colleagues.  Although Kathryn died in 2001, the legacy of her passion for education will long be felt by future generations of Bearcats. 

In recognition of the years of service she and her first husband, Luther Belcher, had provided to Northwest, Kathryn had established The Luther & Kathryn Belcher Scholarship in 1989.  Luther, a business manager at Northwest for more than 20 years, later dealt in real estate as a partner and CEO of Belcher and Long Inc. before his death in 1988.
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