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Mark Peavy

Mary Ellen Schrader Peavy was the first person in her family to attend college. She graduated from the University of South Dakota in the early 1940s. Education was very important to her and it became obvious when her husband died at age 46, and left her to raise two children and a house to pay for.
Mary Ellen's son, Mark Peavy, graduated from Northwest in the late 1970s and went on to have various jobs with his major.  He passed away at the age of 39, in 1994, in Glendale, Arizona. When that happened, Mary Ellen thought it would be a good to have a scholarship formed instead of having a bunch of flowers that would just die. Numerous students have benefited from the scholarship in one way or another over the years.

Mary Ellen passed away in 2001.  Her daughter and Mark's sister, Marlene Miller, continues to support this scholarship knowing it is benefitting students and keeping alive the memories of her loved ones.
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