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Martha Faye (Fouts) Woollums

The year was 1933.  Day had not yet broken and already this 18-year-old teaher had begun her daily five-mile walk to her one-room schoolhouse in Missouri.  Everyday she swept the wooden floor, started a fire in the coal stove and readied her textbooks for a new day of teaching.

The teaching career of Martha Faye Fouts Woodllums '48 spanned more than 45 years.  After graduating early from high school in 1933, she began studying education at Northwest and also began her teaching career in Gentry Councty.  For $30 a month, Woollums taught grades one through eight at Adams School near Albany.  in 1935, she married Orvill "Red" Woollums in Maryville.  The Woollumses spent their years together farming, raising cattle and traveling to nearly every corner of the world.  But through it all, educating herself and her students remained one of her top priorities.

The year 1948 marked a milestone for Woollums.  After many summers of stocking up on college credits, Woollums graduated from Northwest with a bachelor's degree in education.  By 1957, she recieved her master's from Northwest and eventually completed post-graduate studies.  Through the years, Woollums became a published author, taught Northwest extension courses, was a church organist and retired from teaching in 1978.
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