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Mattie Dykes

Mattie Dykes Scholarship was initiated by the Maryville Branch of AAUW in May, 1976, to honor the former faculty member who authored “Behind the Birches,” a history of NWMSU to 1956.  Dykes was responsible for many feature stories concerning the college and its activities from 1925 - 1956.  She wrote "A Nondescript Monster with Terrible Eyes - A Study of Walt Whitman" and " Trying to Spell God - A study of Edwin Arlington Robinson," both published in the Northwest Missouri State Tearchers' College Studies.  She served as the editor of the Press Woman, official magazine of the National Federation of Press Women, in which organization she served two years as treasurer and two years as president.
Scholarships associated with Mattie Dykes
  • Mattie Dykes Creative Writing Scholarship