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Paul Marfice

Paul Marfice, the fourth in a family of 11 children, chose to pursue his interests in watchmaking following his graduation from high school and four years in the U.S. Navy.  His first training came via a correspondence course in Chicago, and his earliest repairs were made in his father's shop by the light of a coal oil lamp.  Formal training followed for Paul at the Kansas City School of Watchmaking and, later, jewelry training at Bradley University in Peoria, Ill.

Beginning in 1967, Paul worked at the Maryville shop he and his wife, Joan Johnson Marfice '77, would purchase in 1976.  The couple's decision proved to be a wise investment.  Marfice Jewelry served thousands of citizens of Maryville and the surrounding communities for the next 23 years.

Following Paul's death, Joan established the Paul Marfice Scholarship in 1999 with the blessing of her sons, James (attd. '74-'75) and Joseph (attd. '82-'84).
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