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Janie's Gift

This scholarship was established by Marilou Joyner in loving memory of Bobby Jane (Janie) Karle. Janie was one of the first residents of Cameron Group Care in Cameron, Missouri, and she made her home there for 32 years. Janie was fortunate to have her sister, Rodnae, and brother-in law, Robert, actively involved with her throughout her life. They visited her at Cameron Group Care and also welcomed Janie in their home regularly. The employees at Cameron Group Care who worked to support Janie felt rewarded just for knowing her. Janie provided hundreds of little moments that made everyone feel rewarded to be part of her day. The bonds that existed between support staff and Janie were indescribable. There were days when we taught her and then there were days when she taught us. She was strong and independent and surprised us over and over with her ability to repeatedly overcome adverse health situations. In reality, Janie made us all better people.

The recipient of this scholarship shall be a sophomore, junior or senior enrolled full-time with a minimum 2.75 GPA. The recipient shall be pursuing a major in human services, therapeutic recreation, psychology or nursing and shall also have the desire to work with individuals with disabilities.
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